About Us


GTTS 2012 is an IT support service company predominantly based in the South East of England, and we have many years of experience within the IT industry. We are dedicated to providing professional, cost-effective on-site and remote technical support for all your hardware, software, network and server system needs.

We also offer complete IT project management solutions from PC roll-outs  client hardware installations, software upgrades & site moves.

We can also provide consultancy, CCTV systems, Access control system, internet and intranet websites, graphics, off-site data backup, cabling and cabinets, accountancy systems and 24/7 hardware and software support with pro-active on-line systems monitoring.

Meet the Team

  • Anna Hopkins

    Anna Hopkins is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn...

  • Darryl Mayle

    Sam Clegg is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn...

Why Choose Us

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