I-Catcher Console

A complete scalable CCTV system with motion detection, alerting, remote web interface, simultaneous record & playback.

Scheduled activity, device control and flexible display options, exceeding the standards you’d expect from a modern digital CCTV system.
Is the most functional cost effective solution for digital CCTV available today.

Using i-Catcher products, you can build advanced CCTV systems using your company’s existing I.T. infrastructure, getting the best value from your hardware investment.

Key Features

i-Catcher Console is an open platform CCTV management application. This means a wide range & mix of devices can be connected including capture cards, IP network cameras and video servers. Even USB webcams can be connected.

Motion detection is performed without the need for PIR triggers and external motion detectors, although PIRs can be connected for very noisy environments. Once motion is detected, recording begins. For extra security, i-Catcher can record before and after the motion event to ensure you capture everything. Sensitivity controls add an extra level of flexibility.

Digital image storage means that access to stored images is instant, allowing you to playback the footage while still recording. Also included is a loop play feature, to continuously loop the most recent activity – features traditional CCTV systems are simply unable to provide.

With digital image storage comes simple yet comprehensive systems for image management. Archiving automatically ensures you retain the right amount of footage. Image integrity checking ensures your footage isn’t tampered with and feed management allows you to precisely control the storage of images per camera feed. The i-Catcher Single File Storage system ensures efficient storage.

i-Catcher Console supports a variety of automation devices such as the outputs of an IP camera, X10 Home Automation, Aviosys PDU’s, Velleman Relays and ADAM controllers. Connected devices can also be scheduled to operate when required.

i-Catcher Console

Is the most functional cost effective solution for digital CCTV available today.

Using i-Catcher products, you can build advanced CCTV systems using your company’s existing I.T. infrastructure, getting the best value from your hardware investment.

I-Catcher Scheduler

Is a breeze with i-Catcher console. An I/O automation scheduler is now included at no extra cost. i-Catcher has the ability to schedule your connected automation equipment or mains powered devices. i-Catcher can switch on your lights at dusk and switch them off at dawn, or at any time you wish.

Also included is the option to simulate occupancy, turning your lights and devices on and off, as if you were there.

Remote View

The flexibility and simplicity of the user interface is available remotely and requires only a web browser for use. No ActiveX controls are required and no software needs to be installed. The remote interface provides a full live feed view with digital zoom options and control of PTZ cameras.

Multiple live camera views are possible and image quality settings to improve performance are available. Playback is also provided with all the options of the local playback facility and most of Console’s configuration can be adjusted through remote administration. All of these features can be protected by user permissions to provide a powerful security system.

Key Features

  • Modular Structure
  • Flexible Camera
  • Display Multiple
  • Monitor Support
  • ActiveX
  • Free Remote View
  • Supports up to 255 Video Feeds Per Server
  • Joystick Support
  • Full Frame Rate H.264 Recording &
  • Audio Video Wall
  • PTZ Support including PTZ Tracking
  • Feed Scheduling
  • Audio, SMS, EMAIL & FTP Alerts
  • iPhone & iPad Applications
  • Image Integrity Validation
  • Pre & Post Event Recording
  • iPeg Low Bandwidth Remote View
  • USB Camera Support
  • IO Access Control Support
  • IO Scheduler
  • Capture Card / Frame Grabber Support
  • X10 Home Automation
  • FTP Image Source Support
  • Tripwire Counting & Alerting
  • Wrong Direction Alerting
  • Remote Event Monitoring
  • Access Control Support[/check2_list]

i-Catcher Events System

i-Catcher console now features a new Events System for central event monitoring! Events popup Automatically from remote i-Catcher console installations, showing you either the live footage as it happens, or a brief recording of the actual event.
The events then appear in a list view, for easy access, and can be cleared by the user once viewed or actioned. Centrally monitor events from remote i-Catcher console systems.
Monitor the status of remote i-Catcher Services, show the live footage of an event as it occurs.

i-Catcher Smart Client & Video Wall

An essential part of any CCTV system is one or more points to monitor the cameras, and if necessary move PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras to follow the action. In larger CCTV systems, a video wall is often required, showing many cameras over multiple screens.

i-Catcher Smart Client is a client edition of the i-Catcher Console that provides monitoring and limited control facilities for an i-Catcher CCTV system. By making use of the iDomain system, i-Catcher Smart Client can view and control feeds from several i-Catcher Console systems.

i-Catcher Smart Client communicates with the Console through the web interface using iDomain, meaning usernames and passwords set on the Console will apply to the Smart Client too.

Any monitoring station can be set up to access the Console with limited abilities as required. A security station, including a video wall, might have full access, where as a monitor on a reception desk may be limited to viewing only.

User Interface

The i-Catcher product range features i-Catcher Clump Engine motion detection. This new detection method gives you much more information about what is happening in the image and allows us to add advanced analytical functionality.

This ICE functionality is performed by the software and not in the camera, enabling you to utilise your existing cameras and maximize your investment.

When using ICE detection, i-Catcher knows how many objects are in the image, which direction they came from and which direction they are currently travelling. This enables us to embed some advanced functionality in the standard product.

Motion Maps

i-Catcher includes a powerful motion analysis tool called the “Motion Map”. When i-Catcher is performing motion detection it also records the points on the image where motion has been detected, in the form of a progressive map image. When this image is viewed, the red points show where motion has been detected the most, where as blue points show those areas with the least detected motion.

The motion map system allows you to instantly see an accurate representation of those areas where motion has occurred the most. The example to the above left is at the iCode office, clearly showing the busy path between two of our offices.

This process is widely in Retail Analytics. Motion maps show which gondolas and feature ends are busy (Hot) and which are not (Cold). Management can use this information to arrange goods driving customers to the required locations.

User Interface

i-Catcher Console 5 utilises a uniquely flexible graphical user interface that allows almost any arrangement of cameras on screen. The advanced multi monitor capabilities also allow a video wall of up to 8 monitors per server to be implemented with the standard software at no extra cost.

i-Catcher Console provides direct access to camera configuration via a “tree view” as shown to the left. Cameras can be grouped together for easy navigation. The tree view also displays additional features such as sensor lists, plan views and provides access to alert and user settings.

Intelligent Masking

Another feature we get from i-Catcher’s ICE is intelligent masking. In order to stop areas of unwanted movement causing false alerts most CCTV software solutions employ a masking technology, which prevents their system seeing the unwanted areas of the image.

This involves the user selecting an area (often multiple areas) of the image to define areas where you do not want motion detection to occur.

The image above right shows a mask placed over a swaying bush. Conventional CCTV systems would ignore everything that occurs behind this mask.

i-Catcher has an intelligent masking ability that works much better than the simple masking employed by other systems.

The ICE intelligent mask allows you to still ignore the areas you want to mask from false alarms but it will still track moving objects through the masked areas.

The image on the right shows on object that originated from outside the mask is still being tracked and recorded as it passes through the masked off area.

i-Catcher Console

Below the tree view is the PTZ control and layout control panels.
The first section contains the controls for moving and zooming the selected PTZ camera, along with buttons for jumping direct to and editing preset positions. Each PTZ camera can also have its own floating PTZ control window.

PTZ control

PTZ control is also possible with a USB joystick. The second section controls the appearance of cameras on-screen and provides for 12 individually customisable layouts. Each layout can be setup manually and saved, enabling rapid switching between layouts.


It is also possible to cycle through preset layouts automatically. Each layout can remain on screen for a set time and then cycle to the next customised preset.

This provides for a system where a small selection of cameras can be on-screen providing focus, with automatic shifting to a different set after a time period. This is can also be limited to a single monitor, if for example a screen in reception is required to cycle through cameras, but the main security screen is to remain constant.

Minimum System Requirements:

4 Cameras: Intel P4 or higher (or equivalent)
8 Cameras: Intel Dual Core or higher (or equivalent)
16 Cameras: Intel Quad Core or higher (or equivalent)
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Internet Connection required for remote viewing and / or alerting

Mobile Remote Viewing

i-Catcher Console also includes an optimised web view for the Apple iPhone™. Featuring an intuitive, easy to use design, you can now have the same camera and IO control from i-Catcher on the move.

iPhone users are automatically redirected to the iPhone interface whenever you access the remote view. You can login and view your cameras remotely, pan tilt and zoom or even turn the lights off from the palm of your hand!

Also included as standard is the ability to playback recordings. You can easily jump to motion events via the usual timeline showing peaks in activity.
For standard mobile phones without Java support, a basic mobile web view is provided.

i-Catcher Console 5 is also compatible with our dedicated iPhone Applications, i-Catcher Go and i-Catcher Pro and our iPad Application, iCatcher HD.
Available from the Apple App Store, i-Catcher Pro and i-Catcher HD is designed for high speed remote viewing and playback of i-Catcher Console, control of PTZ cameras and IO control (automation) on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.

Included as standard are remote IO control, Sensor and PTZ support. Integrating X10 or ADAMS Controllers into i-Catcher Console gives you full home or office automation from the palm of your hand.

i-Catcher Go is a simple live viewing application for your i-Catcher Console machine or IP cameras from your iPhone or iPod Touch