Adaptive Defense 360 is the first and only offering to combine Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capabilities into a single solution. Adaptive Defense 360 also automates capabilities reducing the burden on IT.

Adaptive Defense 360 starts with Panda’s best-of-breed EPP solution which includes Simple and centralized security, Remedial actions, Real-time monitoring and reports, Profile-based protection, Centralized device control, and Web monitoring and Filtering.

However, that is only the beginning. The malware and IT security panorama has undergone a major change in terms of volume and sophistication. With over 200,000 new viruses appearing every day, and the sophistication of techniques for penetrating defenses and hiding malware, corporate networks are more vulnerable than ever to zero-day and targeted attacks.

Adaptive Defense is Panda’s solution to these types of attacks. Adaptive Defense provides an EDR service that can accurately classify every application running in an organization, only allowing legitimate programs to run.

The EDR capabilities of Panda Adaptive Defense 360 relies on a security model based on three principles: continuous monitoring of applications on a company’s computers and servers, automatic classification using machine learning on our Big Data platform in the cloud, and finally, our technical experts analyse those applications that haven’t been classified automatically to be certain of the behavior of everything that is run on the company’s systems.

Close the cycle of malware protection integrating full detection, response and remediation capabilities on a single solution.

Adaptive Defense Datasheet

Advanced Reporting Tool Datasheet

Integration with corporate SIEM systems

Android Device Protection Datasheet

Panda Adaptive Defence Video

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Case Study Defence Airbus

Case Study Alchemy Systems

Case Study Aeronautical Aciturri

Case Study Falköping

Case Study Legalwerkesman

Case Study Indra

Minimum specs:
Web Console (only monitoring)
– Internet connection
– Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
– Firefox 3.0 or later
– Google Chrome 2.0 or later
– Operating systems (workstations): Windows XP SP2 and later (Vista, 7, 8 &amp 10)
– Operating systems (servers): Windows Server 2008 and later (2012 &amp 2016)
– Internet connection (direct or through a proxy)
Partially supported (only EPP):
– Linux, MAC OS X and Android